The japanese traditional candle are here (in japan) named "rosoku", they are used in bouddish temples since the 9 century.

The candles used by temples are red and white, some of them are painted. These candles are recently used by people for decoration, or celebrate an event, or as gift because the flame is restful and has a particular beauty. You can compare the flame of a japanese candle and a western candle by watching the video on the right.

The Japanese candle are made from a Japanese paper (wash 和紙) and a wax which come from a special tree (haze 櫨). The candle are made inside the hand. We put one hand inside the hot wax, then we roll the stick inside the hand, until there's no wax anymore on the hand. Then we do the previous step again, until the candle has the form that we desired.

six bougies...six bougies...six bougies...six bougies...six bougies...six bougies...

Then the candles are painted by hands.


six bougies...six bougies...


Bougie Japonaise PrunierBougies Japonaise CerisierBougies JaponaiseBougies JaponaiseBougies Japonaise

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